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Policy Holders

Mobile Insurance App for Policyholders

We store your insurance documents. It is really that simple.

No hunting, no searching, regardless of the carrier or type they all will live on "The Spot" More and more states are allowing you to store your mobile id cards for your auto insurance on your phone. Our mobile insurance app, is totally FREE to the policyholder and is validated for showing insurance to officials when requested. On the jobsite, or at a traffic stop, you will never be hunting for your insurance paperwork again! When your policy documents are stored on our secure cloud environment, you will be able to access them from any web enabled computer, or directly from your smartphone via our FREE Mobile insurance Apps that you can find in the app store. Share your documents easily with other businesses or prospective clients, and they will never be deleted. Always here in the cloud, waiting for when you need them next.

Policy Holder Features
  • Access Documents
  • Share Certificates
  • Mobile Access
  • Cancellation Protection
Safe and Secure

  • Encpryted Data
  • Redundant Backups
  • Best Data Centers

Mobile Access

Access your insurance docs while you are on the go!

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