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Self Service Certificates

Self-Service Certificates Easily give your customers self service access

Self service has changed the landscape of how we interact with products and services. When you use PolicySpot, your customers have the ability to view and share their policy documents online without changing your management system. It is simply the quickest way for you to upgrade your customer service department.

24 / 7 / 365 Access for your client
Allowing your clients to access their policy information, and control their certificate needs will separate you from your competition. No more having to come in early or stay late to service certificates. Whether it is from a computer or a smartphone, your clients will get an easy to use self service portal with minimal organizational changes.
Better compliance with templates
When you enable the self service portal for certificates, you will create a template for the Acord. Your clients will not be actually creating the certificate, but they will be using the template you create for them. Eliminate the possibility of mistakes by only creating one template for your client, instead of rushing through requests as they need them.
Simple Certs and Custom Wording
We use the latest addition of the ACORD 25 for our generated certificates. You will be able to add custom wording which fills the operations section of the ACORD. In addition to custom wording, we allow you to attach any PDF document from your computer to be displayed with the certificate when it is created.
Add a Blanket AI or Waiver
When setting up your templates, you can choose to include an AI or Waiver Endorsement with the certificate. When your client sends a cert, it will automatically include the endorsement you included. By adding carrier endorsements to your certificates, you can now go out and sell policies without fearing the customer service expenses.
Emails for everyone
PolicySpot will automatically send a professional email to the certificate holder containing links to the certificate. You will be notified when the certificate is create and viewed by the cert holder. Even with self service you are kept in the loop, which is key to keeping your customer's insurance needs serviced properly.
Industry leading tracking
When document is viewed from PolicySpot's Secure Cloud, we track it through one of the most sophisticated document tracking technologies in the insurance industry. Know exactly what, where, and how your client is using your self service portal with pins dropped on maps from Google Maps.
Cancellation Prevention Measures
Keep policies from cancelling by utilizing the optional NOIC and NOC features built into the PolicySpot. NOIC lets them know when they cancel, all their certificate holders will be notified of the cancellation. Use our integrated credit card processing to allow your client to pay for his bill, and stop worrying about Fed-Ex or overnight payments!

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